Our philosophy at Innovative is "Total System Management". With our experts, we are able to offer you up-to-date and concise advice and information giving you peace of mind that your systems are being well looked after and under very cost-effective conditions.

Managing IT and all its associated issues should be done proactively so as to resolve issues before they can impact on your productivity. We provide services and resources to monitor your systems and then allocate our consultants as required to keep everything running at optimal speed.

Our support services cover the vast majority of issues that SME's require during their standard day-to-day operations including maintenance of infrastructure, server's management for both storage & communications equipment, domain hosting, equipment procurement, hosted mail management etc.

Keeping "tech" issues at bay for most users is what keeps people at their highest level of productivity where they can concentrate on their work rather than on the IT tools they are using. People work in their own unique style and it is our job to ensure that all these disparate techniques work in harmony within your organisation. Empowering people to become even more effective and thus getting the best value every day, this is our passion!